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“Enhanced care through Advanced technology”

When you choose Stellar Medical, you choose technical expertise of over 41 years in selection of High Tech Medical equipment. You choose an organization committed to providing you state of the art technology at great value for money, with low running and maintenance costs. You choose the reliability of a proven all India service set-up. You choose a partner. Take comfort in our stability
Interkardio group is one of the leading suppliers of high technology medical electronic equipment in India. Founded in february 1977 as a medical equipment manufacturing and marketing company, it has emerged today as the most reliable supplier and a leader in the fields of Urology & Neurology and chosen the Dermatology.

Active 311, Body shape RF- a fractional RF with micro needling and quadro polar Rf technology.

Ideal combination of Fractional Micro Needles & Quadro Polar applicator.

Integrated Temperature Sensors - for real time temp measurement

Impedance Measuring - for personalized energy level adjustments.

Spike Limiter - patients comfort.

Trigger less Operation.

Fractional Micro-Needles – ideal for skin tightening and facial wrinkle removal.

The Versatile fractional Co2

The State of the Art technology - Ultra Pulse Fractional CO2 Laser

Latest technology which creates fractions of the fractionated laser beam.

Minimal Down time.

High peak power.

Results are comparable to conventional surgery.

Vaginal Attachment :- minimally Invasive, anesthesia free, walk in-walk out procedure.

Fastest and most effective IPL in the world

Unique and patented GEM-PL technology.

Contemporary touch screen control - Intuitive software allows selection of treatments

Built-in Patch Test procedure for examining the optimal energy level.

Astonishing results on "Thin"´ "Blonde"´ "stubborn" hair.

Integrated Light Intensity Measuring Device.

A stunning total number of 400,000 flashes in both lamps.

Self Setting Mode.

SygmaLift – Unique High-tech Facelift Solution

SygmaLift is a combination of three powerful therapies fractionated ultrasounds, Trifocal ultrasound with Intensivecold lasers

Exclusive High Frequency Linear Beam emissions for facial remodelling

Exclusive Tri-focal applicator for smaller/curved areas e.g around the eyes and mouth

Exclusive Cold Laser 635nm for Biostimulation and faster results

Dual International patents

Exclusive ability to destroy fat cells instead of just displacing for skin tightening

Instant results followed by progressive comprehensive results within 40 days

Walk-in walk-out procedure lasting around 40 minutes

Pastelle – The Most Advanced Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

Pastelle is the most advanced ,versatile US FDA approved Q Switched Nd:YAG Laser.

With its outstanding results, great design and reliable technology, it is currently rewriting what we can do with Q-Switched lasers for the treatment of for treatment of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions.

PhotoAcoustic technology( PTP mode)- high peak power and short pulse duration

Superior flat-top hat beam profile

Variety of handpieces - efficient and reproducible treatment

Auto Calibration provides precise and stable energy for reliable output

Single platform, multiple applications

Treats all skin types

Faster healing and higher patient satisfaction

Genesis Mode for skin rejuvenation and dermal remodeling.

LAVIEEN - SUbablative Thulium Laser.

Lavieen (Thulium Laser, 1927nm), is the world’s first laser for lightening skin tone. Also known as BB laser, Lavieen is effective for skin whitening and brightening. It is a sub-ablative laser for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, delivering remarkable results with improved patient comfort and minimal downtime.

Adjustable Pulse Duration and Fluence makes Lavieen suitable for both ablative and non-ablative applications, allowing for the treatment of a wide range of indications

Smaller spot size provides shorter downtime than others in its category

Ergonomic Design of Fiber Arm - Combination of adjustable height rack and flexible tube provides elevated user comfort

Magnetic Tip Attachments enable quick and easy selection of treatment tips as per requirement

Low maintenance cost owing to Non-consumable and long life time of Thulium Fiber

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